Hello! My name is Khamvilay but my friends call me Kham. I have been happily married to my wife for more than 10 years. I'm also a father to two amazing kids who are always on the go, whether it's basketball, volleyball, swimming, art class, you name it they are in it and I'm right there carting them around to all the activities (I'm pretty much their personal chauffeur)

When I'm not carting the kids around, I'm usually at the gym grinding away so I have the energy to keep up with them, also I love food too much :)

I also enjoy gardening, a hobby I picked up as a way of getting my kids to eat more veggies (it worked!) Lately I have been collecting a lot of tropical house plants, to the point that I have a room dedicated to keeping them alive. If you asked me how many I have I honestly would even have a clue... I stopped counting at 100.

I have been photographing weddings and other life events for more than 10 years and still loving it.

I am based in Winnipeg MB but open to travel!


My clients are fun, easy going, and genuine. They are open to new adventures and are not afraid to get venture out and get a bit dirty to create gorgeous photos together.

They also wouldn't think twice to just meet up and have a glass of wine or beer with me and chill.

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